NEPTCO's craft-friendly MULEGUN is a modular device, which uses air pressure to install MULETAPE® or Detectable MULETAPE in occupied and unoccupied conduit. Once installed, the MULETAPE can be used to locate existing dielectric lines, or to install additional cable in an occupied duct.

The gun’s hinged design allows the body, or chamber, to be clamped around the conduit without the need to cut or remove existing, installed cable.
When compressed air is introduced into the chamber, the pressure propels a missile (or “parachute”) tied to a length of MULETAPE through the conduit. The tape will glide over the cable and through the full length of the duct, following turns and emerging quickly and safely at the end of the duct without damaging the cable.
The MULEGUN is flexible enough to be used in virtually any installation environment, urban or rural, with long or short run lengths, fill ratios up to 50% and any standard duct size from 1 to 2 inches in diameter.
The gun is optimized to work most efficiently with NEPTCO’s family of pre-lubricated measuring and pulling tapes, including MULETAPE, Detectable MULETAPE, and QUADTAPE ®. Special adaptors are also available to accommodate microduct and the new flexible textile ducts.
Click here to download a pdf copy of NEPTCO's MULEGUN brochure.

The MULEGUN is packaged ready to use from the factory. Each MULEGUN kit contains an array of cable seals, a parachute, a duct adapter, and a MULETAPE inlet seal. Standard product accessories include a ball valve with a "Y" fitting to accomodate a second air hose, a tape inlet plug, and a MULESTICK™.

If you're searching for a safe alternative to costly and time-consuming installation methods like duct rodding, potholing or hot-cutting, contact NEPTCO for more information on the new MULEGUN.

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