The One-Step MULETAPE Advantage

NEPTCO's family of measuring and pulling tapes substantially reduces cable installation labor, material and inventory costs by providing a threading line, a measuring tape, and a winchline all in one product. MULETAPE reduces damage to underground plants, improves efficiency, and enhances worker safety.

Our tapes are manufactured with a low stretch polyester material that distributes heat across its wide, flat profile. This improves efficiency and prevents "snap back", which occurs when a rope under high tension elongates and either breaks, or snaps back... often injuring the installer.

Features & Benefits
  • Pre-lubrication reduces friction levels and eliminates duct cutting.
  • Lower elongation reduces pulling time, enhances worker safety, and prevents crushed capstans
  • Lightweight, easily blown through conduit or innerduct
  • Accurate sequential footage or meter markings enable monitoring of cable location during a pull, eliminate the need for measuring tapes, and help determine the quantity remaining on a partial roll
  • Variety of constructions available
  • Packaged in splice-free lengths up to 100,000 ft. (30 km) for faster, easier cable placement
  • Available in a variety of strengths up to 6,000 lbs (2727 kg)
  • Easily spliced using conventional methods and/or our own MULEKNOT (Click here for splicing instructions.)
Select the tape that's right for you:

Note: Many conduit manufacturers provide innerduct pre-threaded with MULETAPE or Detectable MULETAPE. Click here for more information.

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