NEPTAPE® Laminates

Product Group
Typical Applications
Film/Foil composite available in various thicknesses.Provides cost-effective shielding; versatile and easy to useShielding of multi-conductor & multi-pair cables
Foil/Film/Foil composite available in various thicknesses.Foil-to-foil contact at overlap
Enhanced shielding
Improved durability
CATV drop cable
LAN & military coax
Multi-Pair Cables
Foil-Free Edge LaminatesFilm/Film/Foil composite with extended film edge that overlaps foil widthNon-conductive foil-free edge; saves cost of stocking two tapesShielding of multi-conductor & multi-pair cables such as process control, computer, or instrumentation cables
HIGH-DRAW LaminatesNEPTCO-designed high performance adhesive that greatly increases draw capabilityProvides for greater elongation and improved shielding for flexible cabling; virtually eliminates foil breakup and pinholesRobotics; retractable cables; instrumentation systems; computer & data processing equipment; audio, sound & control cables.
FIREFITE Flame-retardant LaminatesFamily of shielding tapes that uses NEPTCO's proprietary "low smoke" adhesives and films.Provides shielding with reduced smoke generation; protects cable core from heat & flamePlenum and fire alarm cables; indoor/outdoor cables that require riser or plenum ratings per UL