General Purpose Flexible E-Glass

FLEXLINE® is a non-metallic, E-glass composite designed primarily for use as a peripheral strength element in fiber optic cables. This flexible, flat GRP is produced with E-glass fibers and a proprietary resin to meet a wide variety of cabling applications. Used as a stand-alone strength element, or in combination with LIGHTLINE® or ARAGLASS, FLEXLINE limits strain on the optical fibers, making it an effective alternative to loose aramid yarns. FLEXLINE has a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) similar to optical fibers, thereby limiting strain during temperature-induced expansion and contraction.

  • Peripheral Strength Member
  • Tensile Reinforcement

Features & Benefits
  • All-dielectric
  • High Elastic Modulus
  • High Flexibility
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) similar to optical fibers
  • Wide range of sizes/strengths and glass yields available
  • Package size compatible with most payoff systems

Product Name
CR785DSoftStrand® - 780 nominal TEX with light resin matrix content
CR1330C1340 nominal TEX with heavy resin matrix content
CR1700C1670 nominal TEX with heavy resin matrix content

Water Blocking Strength Elements
Product Name
CR785GInstantDry® -- Nominal TEX = 810
CR785HInstantDry® -- Nominal TEX = 780
CR1200HInstantDry® -- Nominal TEX = 1375
CR1600GInstantDry® -- Nominal TEX = 1600
CR1700GInstantDry® -- Nominal TEX = 1680

PVC Drop Wire
Product Name
DW830BNominal TEX = 830
DW1600BNominal TEX = 1600
DW2220BNominal TEX = 2220

Click here to view Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDS) in pdf format.

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