NEPTCO now offers ARAGLASS as a substitute for ARALINE, which has been discontinued.
ARAGLASS is a flexible composite of e-glass yarn which is saturated with a proprietary polymer, and used as a replacement for aramid yarns to provide tensile strength in cables. ARAGLASS is useful in premise and other types of optical fiber and copper cables. Relative to aramid yarns, ARAGLASS offers considerable cost savings without compromising performance and with a significant reduction in smoke and flame characteristics. ARAGLASS provides the strength, flexibility, thermal resistance, and flame retardant non-conductivity of glass in a practical composite which is easily handled by operators and cable installers.

The following photgraphs show the results of a modified Arapahoe smoke test. This test was performed to give a comparative reading on the smoke generation of ARAGLASS compared to an aramid yarn. Individual testing within a cable design will be needed to show the true reduction in smoke generation using ARAGLASS as a replacement for aramid yarns. The photographs show the comparison of smoke generated by each material when subjected to flame, with the resulting smoke and air drawn through filter paper.
Modified Arapahoe Test Results

Aramid fiber photograph showing the filtration and capture of smoke generated during the burning of aramid fiber.NEPTCO ARAGLASS photograph generated using the same parameters as the photograph on the left, showing almost no smoke generation.

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