For today’s designs and tomorrow’s innovations, choose NEPTCO, the global leader in high-performance materials.

NEPTCO has a unique understanding of your design challenges because, after all, we're a team of chemists, engineers, and designers too. Since 1953 we've been helping OEMs make their products perform better.

Make it strong, but keep it lightweight and flexible."

Whether the application is for broadband communication and energy cables, electronic and pharmaceutical packaging, medical disposables, or infrastructure composites, people around the globe rely on NEPTCO for transforming engineered materials into compelling end user performance.

Keep it clear, but heat sealable and anti-static.”

NEPTCO has accumulated unparalleled knowledge in material science and process know-how to give customers best value in use products. So, if you need a flexible laminate, performance coating application or glass composite, contact the NEPTCO Team.

Make it UV resistant, durable and long lasting.”

With facilities in North America, Europe, and China, as well as an extensive distribution system and dedicated group of internal and external sales representatives, NEPTCO provides immediate support where and when you need it.

From flexible to rigid, simple to complex, contact the NEPTCO Team.