A Culture of Ingenuity and Innovation Then and Now

A lot has changed since NEPTCO's founding nearly 60 years ago, but our dedication to customers
is an important constant.

Our employees' tremendous work ethic and their ability to innovate and solve problems began with the prime example of our founder Peter Farago, a Hungarian immigrant who overcame tremendous adversity. And though NEPTCO has grown steadily from a small manufacturer with a few employees, to one with a presence on 3 continents and more than 400 employees, we're more than a supplier, we're a partner.

1953 - New England Printed Tape Company (NEPTCO) was founded by Peter Farago, a Hungarian immigrant who escaped a German work camp after serving 18 months at forced labor. He spoke five languages and worked to aid other survivors and refugees. Making his way to the United States, he bootstrapped an education at the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating with a degree in Textile Engineering.

    • Early products were ribbons and tapes for the decorating packaging business.
    • Expanded into the wire and cable market by providing shielding tapes to identify relevant military specifications that the cable was required to meet.

1960 - Copper Cable Components were introduced to satisfy the wire & cable market’s need to ensure signal integrity of copper cables. Mr. Farago and his team penetrated and served this market with shielding materials, marker tapes and a variety of other tapes and quickly became an industry leader.
    • Solved extensive design and manufacturing challenges for cable manufacturers throughout the USA including tape tears in tight geometries as tapes were folded and formed. This problem was solved through the invention of Slick-Tape™, a shielding tape featuring the application of uniquely developed lubricating oils to allow for faster manufacturing of cables, reduced costs, and the elimination of down time.
1979 - Second Manufacturing Facility opened in Lenoir, NC for growing copper cable business

1980 - NEPTCO expands and adds some 15 management professionals in the lab, marketing, sales, finance, materials, manufacturing, and human resources. Plans to expand globally take root. Most of these individuals remain with the company today and are steeped in the company's core values of:
    • Customer is always first
    • Quality is a must
    • Innovate to solve customer problems in a team environment
    • Recognition of individual & teams
1982 - In anticipation of rapid growth of nationwide fiber optic networks, NEPTCO introduces LIGHTLINE® and FLEXLINE® family of composite strength members, both flexible and semi-rigid.

1983 - As the industry moved from traditional copper telephone cable to optical fiber cables, NEPTCO introduces MULETAPE® improving the way cable is installed underground via conduit. Replaced traditional methods of using polypropylene ropes that cut through plastic pipe in minutes.
    • Users can thread, measure, and pull with one product
    • Today MULETAPE® is the industry standard
1985 - Electronic Packaging Cover Tapes Introduction - Addresses the need for a sealing tape to package electronic components for the semi-conductive packaging industry that protects a diverse range of surface mount components.
    • Provides a consistent, stable bond, optimal clarity for viewing component marking.
    • Tear resistant to withstand vigorous pick and place operations.
    • NEPTCO's anti-static Cover Tape is now industry standard for polystyrene carriers and is fully compliant with Electronics Industry Association (EIA) 481 requirement.
1986 - Third manufacturing facility opens in Granite Falls, NC
    • Serves growing optical fiber cable business

1988 - Mr. Farago retires and NEPTCO is sold to Cookson, PLC of England, a $3 Billion conglomerate as part of its Engineering Materials/Plastic Division.
    • Management's vision, supported by Cookson, is for NEPTCO to bring its product to a global marketplace and execute acquisitions that would support the base and extend its capabilities and offerings.
    • During Cookson's ownership the management team launched a European business and successfully made 3 acquisitions that bolstered its base business.
    • Recognized as a top performing company of Cookson Group PLC in 1996, and annually was in the top 5 businesses globally as measured by a challenging set of metrics defined by Senior Management at Cookson.

2000 - A complete portfolio restructuring at Cookson drove the elimination of 2 of its 4 divisions and NEPTCO was sold to private equity investors (CEI & Nautic), NEPTCO was the last business unit sold by Cookson.

2003 – Joint Venture (JV) with Owens Corning to serve the fiber optic cable component business. The joint venture, NEPTCO JV LLC, combined the best technologies for both partners and resulted in the closure of Owens Corning's strength element manufacturing facility.
    • NEPTCO continues to enjoy a very successful JV with Owens Corning, and customers have seen the benefits of the combination of world-class rigid and flexible strength element technologies.

2006 - NEPTCO announces the opening of its new manufacturing facility in China.

2008 - Specialty Materials Introduction – OEM partnerships

2010 - Launch of highly engineered materials for green initiatives including wind energy business
    • Providing robust, high-performing materials to system engineers in Fortune 1000 businesses for cost-effective green energy solutions.

2011 - TRACE-SAFE™ tracer wire introduction for precise location of underground gas, water, and sewer pipelines.

2012 - NEPTCO acquired by CHASE CORPORATION of Bridgewater MA.