In our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in North America and China, NEPTCO produces to strict tolerances and varying package sizes . From clean room slitting to temperature and humidity controlled conditions, NEPTCO has all the capabilities you need in a precision slitter/winder.

Slitting – A variety of slitters situated in proximity to our customers allow NEPTCO to deliver products to our customers within a very short lead time. From rotary shear, to knife in roll and knife in air, NEPTCO has the capability to slit your product or ours to very fine tolerances and package sizes (slit widths from .0625 “ and up ).

Winding – From pancake-style pads to traverse-wound and step-wound packages, NEPTCO can fulfill all your package type requirements (from mini cops to jumbo cop packages from 3.5" traverse to 24" and outer diameters of 3" to 24").