SOLVENT-BASED COATINGS -- At NEPTCO, we provide solvent-based coatings and services, applying solvent-based coatings to our substrates or yours. We coat films, foils, foam, non-wovens, paper, woven fabrics, substrates using gravure, knife over roll coating, or saturation techniques.

Our major investments in capital equipment for VOC incineration allows us to process and handle solvents while meeting all EPA standards. Our investment in these standards allows you, our customers, to be assured that your products and ours are manufactured in compliance with all environmental standards.

Equipped with over 5 coating lines, we handle coating, slitting, and sheeting of substrates up to 60” wide. Solvent-based coatings can be applied on substrates such as film, aluminum foil, polypropylene, Nomex®, Kapton®, non wovens, and paper. All coated substrates are meticulously inspected to customer requirements. Tests are also conducted to check physical as well as performance properties. We also perform customer specific tests on request.

Our laminators are equipped with the latest technology; from tension control to speed control and Beta gauges, NEPTCO can assure the quality of its products meet and exceed customer requirements.

Kapton ® and Nomex ® are registered trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.