Question: How should I mount wafers on WAFERTAPE?
Do not allow air to get between the adhesive and the surface you are bonding. Trapped air will reduce the effectiveness of the curing agent resulting in difficulty removing the tape and possibly adhesive residue.

Question: How do I cure UV tape?
To successfully cure UV tape you must expose the tape to the proper wave-length and intensity of UV light. NEPTCO UV tapes are fully cured using any exposure unit equipped to emit a wavelength of 254 nm. We recommend a mercury vapor bulb with an output of 300 watts per inch. The intensity of the light is more important than the exposure, (mj/cm2 ).

Question: How long does it take to cure UV tape?
The time it takes to cure UV tape is directly proportional to the intensity of the light.
At the proper intensity, you should be able to cure NEPTCO UV WAFERTAPE in less than 10 seconds.
(Intensity x Time = Dosage)

Question: Once I expose UV tape, if it did not fully cure the adhesive, can I expose it again?
Yes. However, curing is not as effective when done in stages.

Question: Can I over expose UV tape?
No. However, prolonged exposure may damage the parts and or tape from excessive heat generated by the lights.

Question: Will exposure to factory or natural UV light prematurely expose my tape?
These kinds of light can affect UV tape so it is good practice to minimize exposure to these light sources. Generally they lack the intensity to cure the tape, but may damage it. NEPTCO UV WAFERTAPE is less sensitive to these light sources than competing products.

Question: How should I store UV tape?
You should always keep unused UV tape stored in the original black bag supplied by the manufacturer. Recommended storage conditions for NEPTCO UV WAFERTAPE are 20 C 10 , at a relative humidity of 30% 20% in the original shipping containers.