FLEXLINE is a non-metallic, E-glass composite designed primarily for use as a peripheral strength element in fiber optic cables. This flexible, flat GRP is produced with E-glass fibers and a proprietary resin to meet a wide variety of cabling applications. Used as a stand-alone strength element, or in combination with LIGHTLINE or ARAGLASS, FLEXLINE limits strain on the optical fibers, making it an effective alternative to loose aramid yarns. FLEXLINE has a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) similar to optical fibers, thereby limiting strain during temperature-induced expansion and contraction.

General Purpose Flexible E-Glass

  • Peripheral Strength Member
  • Tensile Reinforcement

Features & Benefits
  • All-dielectric
  • High Elastic Modulus
  • High Flexibility
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) similar to optical fibers
  • Wide range of sizes/strengths and glass yields available
  • Package size compatible with most payoff systems