Marketed under the name NEPTAPE®, our flexible products include multi-ply shielding tape laminates (including HIGH-DRAW®, heat seal and pressure-sensitive coated films and laminates, foil-free edged tapes, screening tapes, separator tapes, barrier/binder tapes, slit films, printed marker identification tapes, SLICKTAPE®, and FIREFITE® flame retardant laminates.

Product Group
Typical Applications
Film/Foil composite available in various thicknesses.Provides cost-effective shielding; versatile and easy to useShielding of multi-conductor & multi-pair cables
Foil/Film/Foil composite availabe in various thicknesses.Foil-to-foil contact at overlap
Enhanced shielding
Improved durability
CATV drop cable
LAN & military coax
Multi-Pair Cables
Foil-Free Edge LaminatesFilm/Film/Foil composite with extended film edge that overlaps foil widthNon-conductive foil-free edge; saves cost of stocking two tapesShielding of multi-conductor & multi-pair cables such as process control, computer, or instrumentation cables
HIGH-DRAW LaminatesNEPTCO-designed high performance adhesive that greatly increases draw capabilityProvides for greater elongation and improved shielding for flexible cabling; virtually eliminates foil breakup and pinholesRobotics; retractable cables; instrumentation systems; computer & data processing equipment; audio, sound & control cables.
FIREFITE Flame-retardant LaminatesFamily of shielding tapes that uses NEPTCO's proprietary "low smoke" adhesives and films.Provides shielding with reduced smoke generation; protects cable core from heat & flamePlenum and fire alarm cables; indoor/outdoor cables that require riser or plenum ratings per UL
High Temperature TapesShielding tapes constructed with high temperature resistant materialsWithstands high temperature processing or extreme end use environments without losing product stabilityHigh temperature environments (+200°C) such as plenum, military & aerospace
Core wrap/Separator tapesSingle or multi-layer color films with optional adhesive coatings or filmsProvides dielectric insulation and isolates pairs; maintains cable concentricity and firmness of conductor bundles; protects conductors from penetration of moisture, chemicals, or jacket compound.Power, electronic, shipboard, and multi-pair telecommunications cables
Marker Identification TapesSingle or multi-ply tapes indelibly printed on one or both sides; customized logos or print availablePermanently identifies type, manufacturer, date, sequential length and rating of cables; optional laminated polyester constructions resist abrasion, solvents, cable fillers, and high temp processing; wider width and heat sealable ID tapes can also function as core binder/ separator tapes.Applications where cable jacket cannot be surface printed; shipboard, power, and military cables
SLICKTAPE and other specialty coatings
Various coatings available for applications requiring release or fusing propertiesReleasable coatings that detach easily from cable jacket or core; fusible coatings that adhere to cable jacket or core; decreased water migration; better shielding; reduces scuffing damage from tooling and tape breakageCables exposed to the elements or installed in harsh environments; LAN and telecom cables; ANSI/IEEE 802.5 network cables